Do You Offer Financial Insurance?

We do not. We are not a financial advisory or insurance company. Our service is based on auto-forwarding cryptocurrency signals from various source channels, therefore we have no control and take no responsibility of the provided information.IMPORTANT: Please read our Terms & Conditions

When Was Signals Hunt Established?

As a team, we started trading in early 2016. Since then we gathered the knowledge and experience required to make a living out of cryptocurrency trading. In early-mid 2018 we came up with the idea of collectively auto-forwarding premium signals to a single channel. That’s when the Signals Hunt was established.

How Do You Operate?

We have subscribed to and tested multiple premium trading signal channels. Based on their signal accuracy, frequency, quality of data and support material, our expert team has hand-picked the best performing platforms out there. Their signals and messages are combined and automatically display (auto-forwarded) in our Signals Hunt Premium Telegram channel.On top of that, Premium Subscribers get access to private member chat groups, 24/7 online support & ICO reviews.

Which Exchange Platforms Should I Have to Use Your Signals?

Around 90% of the signals can be traded on Binance, or Bittrex. Upbit, KuCoin and Bitmex can be used to utilize the rest.

Can I Use Any Exchange or Wallet to Pay for My Subscription?


Can I Use Other Currencies Than Eth to Pay for Premium Subscription?

You can. We would prefer ETH, however, we can accept most of the top 5 cryptocurrencies. Just let us know and we will calculate the equivalent price. Contact us on Telegram

Can I Pay in Fiat Currencies? 

As we are in the cryptocurrency trading market, we only accept cryptocurrencies for our service. On the other hand, if you intend to trade crypto – transferring us the subscription fee is a good way to start

Do I Get Something if I Refer a New Subscriber?

Yes, you do. If you are a Premium member, for every referred person who subscribes to our Premium or Premium+ plans, you get 25% of their subscription fee back to your wallet! And the best part is that there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. All you need to do is register on our Affiliate Area to receive your unique url, make sure people subscribe using your url and we will sort out the rest.Let us know if you need extra support! Contact Admin Team.

Do You Filter or Alter Any of the Signals or Messages?

We don’t. You receive the original signals and messages as they appear on the source channels. This gives you the right to choose the information you need.

How Do You Select the Signal Source Channels?

Since early 2016 we’ve subscribed to multiple paid cryptocurrency signals channels and qualified it based on signal accuracy, frequency, quality of data and support material. We now select only the highest scoring channels to share with you. In addition, as Signals Hunt community grows, we may add, take out or switch premium cryptocurrency signals channels based on your opinions too.

How Many Daily Signals Will I Get?

The amount of cryptocurrency signals you receive depends on each source channel’s activity on a given day. Usually, on average it is 30-40 cryptocurrency signals a day, meaning there’s plenty to choose from. In addition, you will receive recommendations for stop-loss and take profit levels, essential news reports, chart analysis and other important updates.

What’s the Difference Between Free, Premium & Premium+ Subscriptions?

The key differences between Free and any Premium subscriptions are signal delivery time and the number of signals received. Our Premium & Premium+ Channel subscribers receive every single signal INSTANTLY - as soon as they appear in the source channel groups. Free Channel subscribers will receive  50% less signals, plus they will appear at least 3h later than on the Premium Channel. Time is the key here. In addition to all of the Premium membership benefits, Premium+ subscribers will get access to 9h of professional crypto trading video courses created by our educational partner - Sharper Trades.

I am New to Cryptocurrency Trading. Can I Still Benefit From Signal Trading?

Of course! In fact, we are creating something just for you.With our Premium+  subscription, you will get all of the premium benefits as well as our signal trading fundamentals course where you’ll be able to learn all you need to start cryptocurrency signals trading. Plus there’s always a specialist waiting to answer all of your questions. Please bear in mind that we are not financial advisers and we do not provide investment or financial advice. All we do is share the knowledge and experience we gathered over the years of trading cryptocurrency.Subscribe to Premium or Premium+ NOW

Can I Subscribe to Anything Shorter Than the Annual Subscription?

Sure you can! Please visit our subscriptions page to view all of the Premium membership options.

Do You Offer Free Trials?

We offer a 15 minutes free demo where you’ll see how the signals appear, as well as its history, frequency and success rates. Just contact us on Telegram SignalsHunt
We offer a service of combining cryptocurrency signals coming from multiple paid channels. We trust that our subscribers, or those who intend on subscribing, have done research into the source channels we offer and want to subscribe to them individually or collectively. As such, we don't offer trials - you can obtain a trial from the source channel provider as part of your due diligence and research. We offer a premium service of merging 10+ of the top, paid signal providers for your benefit and cost-effectiveness. We are taking on a large risk, and free-trials don't fit into that business model.

How Do I Subscribe?

Please visit our Cryptocurrency Signals Memberships Page and choose the subscription you want. You will then be sent to the 'Registration Page' where further instructions will be given.